The 60-Second Science series was created with the intention of providing our audience with bite-size, consume-in-one-minute pieces of scientific coverage. This format has proved ideal for our podcasts, but we've missed the option to write longer news and opinion pieces for the blog. We also wanted a way to better highlight the themes that have emerged within the 60-Second Science blogs. The editors put their heads together and the final result is the introduction of five blog categories:

  1. Observations: Opinions, Arguments & Analyses from the editors of Scientific American
  2. Bering in Mind: A Research Psychologist's Curious Look at the Human Mind
  3. Extinction Countdown: News and Research about Endangered Species from around the World
  4. Solar at Home: The Trials, Tribulations and Rewards of Going Solar
  5. Expeditions: Field Notes from the Far Reaches of Exploration

Each blog focuses on a distinct subject to provide readers with a more engaging reading experience. As ever, we invite community members to participate via the comment fields. We implore you to take a gander. (Perhaps start your journey with Scientific American Observations.)

We hope you enjoy our new blogs as much as we enjoy writing them.

Please note: The 60-Second Science blog will remain available as an archived section of the site, but it will no longer be updated. In order to continue service for RSS subscribers to 60-Second Science, news and opinion content from the Observations blog will be provided in its place.