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The secret right under our (bottle)noses: What dolphins can teach us about hydrodynamics

The flippers that some marine mammals use to glide underwater have a lot in common with the wings of passenger jets and fighter planes.

An interdisciplinary team of scientists from Duke University, West Chester University and the United States Naval Academy recently found out just how similar the manmade wings and marine mammal flippers are by testing scale models in a water tunnel...

June 29, 2009 — Lynne Peeples

Rebel Republicans break rank to back House climate bill

In a video posted on YouTube, Congressman Mark Kirk (R–Ill.) looks up from a 1300-page stack of papers and says, “I’m on page 587, reading about ‘Alternative Metrics and Threshold Review’ and I’ve got many more hours to go before the vote and a couple hundred more pages.” 

Apparently, the riveting read was enough to convince the Kirk and seven other Republicans to vote for the American Clean Energy and Security Act...

June 29, 2009 — Brendan Borrell

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