Interesting stuff on the blogs today - even more coming tomorrow!

- Christina Agapakis - Mad Science: Synthetic Polycephaly


- Katherine Harmon - How 5 Recent Social Uprisings Were Wired


- Gary Stix - What I Did For My Summer Vacation. An Ethno-Botanical Adventure


- Darren Naish - Big birds in the Cretaceous of Central Asia: say hello to Samrukia


- Sophie Bushwick - Get Your Iceberg Water, Here


- Krystal D'Costa - The Hidden Costs of Food: Food Prints and Healthy Eating


- Bora Zivkovic - Offal is Good


- James Byrne - My Fitness Experiment


- Jason G. Goldman - Mind and Brain Blogrollin'


- Jamie L. Vernon - The “Berlin Patient” May Not Be The Answer As HIV Research Progresses Toward A Cure


- Kelly Oakes - Look up and see the “stars” tonight…


- Princess Ojiaku - Guerilla Science blends music and science at Escape2NY


- John R. Platt - Baby Mountain Gorilla Rescued from Poachers


- Davide Castelvecchi - Project Polymath: Collaborative Mathematics Through Blogs


- DNLee - Self-love at the Big Box Store




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