I am very happy to introduce the newest addition to the Scientific American blog network - Rosetta Stones, written by Dana Hunter (Twitter).

Dana is a geologist. True, she did not get a formal education (and a PhD) in geology, but she has taught herself so much and so well that all the other geologists I spoke to consider her to be one of their own. She is one of those cases we've all heard of people who, as amateurs, get to be just as good as professionals and fully accepted into those professionals' circles. Oh, and she is a mighty good writer! I hope we'll get to read, at least sometimes, a little bit of her science-fiction writing, or some of her poetry. Perhaps mixed in with her science.

You may have also seen Dana’s writing on our Guest Blog a couple of weeks ago - Mélange et Trois: A Trip across Subduction Zone Madness. I know her blog will be fun to read. For now, go say Hello to Dana on her introductory post - Words With Rocks - and give her a warm welcome to the network.