This is an exciting day for the #SciAmBlogs network - launch of the brand new blog by Katherine Harmon! She is a reporter and associate editor for Scientific American covering health, medicine, neuroscience and general life sciences for the website and you are probably familiar with her articles and blog posts (on the Observations blog). You can also follow her on Twitter at @katherineharmon.

Katherine's new blog is Octopus Chronicles, where she will write about this most intelligent and most charismatic of all invertebrates - the science, the history, the art, the works... This blog will be her "writing laboratory" as she works on her new book about these fascinating animals.

Science blogosphere has known for many years that Cephalopods are the most exciting and sexiest of all animals. While other blogs post cat pictures on Friday afternoons, science bloggers tend to post cephalopods (and LOLcephalopods). I am sure the lively ocean/marine blogosphere will instantly adopt Katherine's blog as "one of their own".

And I have no doubt that when such an amazing writer takes up such amazing creatures, the results will be riveting to all of us - so bookmark the site (RSS feed will be available soon) and keep coming back. Just check out her first post - Camouflage-Changing Octopuses In the Deep, Dim Seas.