I am very excited to announce the latest addition to the #SciAmBlogs network - Molecules to Medicine, by Dr. Judy Stone.

Judy Stone, MD is an infectious disease specialist, experienced in conducting clinical research. She is the author of Conducting Clinical Research, the essential guide to the topic. As she says, 'she survived 25 years in solo practice in rural Cumberland, Maryland, and is now broadening her horizons. She particularly loves writing about ethical issues, and tilting at windmills in her advocacy for social justice. As part of her overall desire to save the world when she grows up, she has become especially interested in neglected tropical diseases. When not slaving over hot patients, she can be found playing with photography, friends’ dogs, or in her garden.'

You can check out many years' worth of archives on her old blog Politics, Science, and Other Assorted Musings, or follow her on Twitter @drjudystone.

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