I am very happy to introduce the newest addition to the Scientific American blog network - Literally Psyched, written by Maria Konnikova (Twitter).

Maria is working on her PhD in Psychology at Columbia University, where she studies self-control and decision making. Before re-embarking on her academic career in 2008, she worked as a Producer for the Charlie Rose show on PBS, where she developed and produced the Charlie Rose Science Series. She received her AB magna cum laude from Harvard, where she studied government, psychology, and creative writing, and holds an MPhil in Psychology and an MA in Political Science from Columbia. And, obviously, she is a voracious reader of fiction.

Readers of our network are probably familiar with her 'Lessons from Sherlock Holmes' series on the Guest Blog (see the last post which links to all the previous posts at the bottom). On her new blog, Maria will expand to all of literature as a source of inspiration for exploring the world of psychology, with Holmes probably making an occasional return appearance.

This will be fun to read, and there will be a lot to learn. For now, go say Hello to Maria on her introductory post and give her a warm welcome to the network.