Wow! Did all the bloggers on the network decide to post today!?

- Cassie Rodenberg - Do we choose pain medication over anti-depressants? and Can drugs drill holes in your brain?


- Jennifer Jacquet - Fall Google Trends


- John Matson - Tevatron Collider Set to Shut Down for Good on Friday


- Kelly Oakes - In praise of the Tevatron


- Jennifer Ouellette - Love Among the Equations


- Stephanie Wortel - Field Work of a Different Sort: 3 Best Practices for Scientists Visiting Student Classrooms


- Kelsey Morris - Age Matters – A Business Student Learns About Energy Efficiency


- Bora Zivkovic - What is: Journal of Science Communication


- Joanne Manaster - What Kind of Science Television Viewer are You?


- Alex Wild - Thrifty Thursday: Freeze the action for under $500


- Jason G. Goldman - Birds of Diverse Feathers, Problem-Solving Together


- Robynne Boyd - Georgia’s New Nuclear Reactors Closer to Approval


- Angela Cesaro - Scientific American‘s Video Player and Pages Receive a Makeover


- Eric Michael Johnson - Touching Death


- Katherine Harmon - Getting People to Kick the Cigarette Habit Pays Much More Than Tobacco Taxes–and Quickly


- Hannah Waters - Why scientists should read science fiction


- Krystal D'Costa - Editor’s Selections: Tapeworms, Schizophrenia, Little Ice Ages, Home Ritual Spaces, and Roman Religion


- Lucas Brouwers - How to tame duplicated genes


- David Bressan - Baron Nopcsa: More than just Transylvanian dinosaurs


- Larry Greenemeier - Amazon Clouds Tablet Market in Advance of Apple Event


- Michelle Clement - Video: Bees at the Wilds


- George Musser - My Electric Bill Was WHAT?!? Analyze Your Power Use with These Three Websites


- Glendon Mellow - Coffee Flavoured Science-Art


- Philip Yam - Recipients of National Medal of Science, Technology Announced




- Christine Ottery - Interactive timeline: Environmental disasters and law


- Christie Wilcox - Social Media for Scientists Part 2: You Do Have Time.



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