Monday - check out the new Image of the Week and then see all the goodies the bloggers gave you over the weekend and today:

- Scott Huler - A Word in Defense of the Witnesses — and the Word is “Ambiguity”


- Glendon Mellow - Bleed Pretty Cells: interview with Michele Banks


- Scicurious - SfN Neuroblogging: Dutiful monkey dads and Alpha1a adrenergic receptors, survival, and cancer and SfN Neuroblogging: Serotonin and food motivation and SFN Neuroblogging: Neurogenesis and stress responses and SfN Neuroblogging: The brain and the BMI


- S.E. Gould - How cancer-causing bacteria force your cells to die


- David Bressan - November 13, 1985: The Nevado del Ruiz Lahars


- John Horgan - Can Science Solve–Really Solve–the Problem of Beauty?


- Kevin Zelnio - Microscopic Worlds


- Jason G. Goldman - If Chickens Like Consonant Music, Will They Hate B.B. King? That’s Not Even the Right Question to Ask and Sunday Photoblogging: Urban Jungle


- Christie Wilcox - Evolution: The Curious Case of Dogs


- Darren Naish - What they’re saying about The Great Dinosaur Discoveries


- Alex Wild - How to not get trampled by an angry elephant


- Debbie Knight - Good things come in small packages? A chat about nanotechnology and food safety


- Lucas Brouwers - Globin duplication was the key to a healthy heartbeat


- Joanne Manaster - Monday Music Video: Ph. Diddy is on the scene! An Animated Music Video for Biotech Lab Work


- Michael Moyer - The Best Video of Earth from Space Ever Made


- Geoff Wheat - North Pond: Turning “Junked” Into Success: A Story of Working Together


- Princess Ojiaku - SwM meets #SfN11!


- Bora Zivkovic - Interview, in Spanish, in Journal of Feelsynapsis and BIO101 – Physiology: Regulation and Control and Movies and Video at ScienceOnline2011



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