Those of you reading this are probably most familiar with this science blogging network - the Scientific American blogs. But this is just one of several blog networks hosted by Nature Publishing Group (NPG), Scientific American and/or our partners in other countries.

You may remember a few months ago when Nature Network and English-language version of SciLogs fused into a much better network, which you really should be following (and it's easy, as we have a widget for them on our sidebar, scroll down a little and look to the right), the

The NPG editorial blogs can be found here. And there are also SciLogs networks in other languages and countries, including: German, Spanish and Dutch.

Today, I am very pleased to announce a big relaunch and expansion of one of our sister networks, the Nature Education's blog network - Scitable.

Khalil A. Cassimally (who you already know as my co-blogger on The SA Incubator, and you may know is also the community manager of is the community manager of Scitable network. In his blog post today, Khalil describes what is new - 18 fantastic new bloggers were added to the already stellar line-up, making Scitable one of the most important blog networks to watch!

All the blogs - old and new - are now on the site, but individual new bloggers will publish their first posts gradually over the next few days, so keep a close eye on the network for the updates. Here are the new blogs:

Earthbound, geology group blog by Jon Tennant and Jane Robb

Saltwater Science, oceanography group blog by Sara Mynott, Alexis Rudd and Jessica Carilli

Why Science Matters, experimental biology blog by Luke De

Accumulating Glitches, evolution group blog by Sedeer el-Showk and Sarah Jane Alger

Eyes on Environment, environment group blog by Kate Whittington and Charles Ebikeme

The Success Code, mentorship blog by Bhavana Wiedmann

Brain Metrics, neuroscience group blog by Mark Stokes and Bradley Voytek

Mind Read, psychology group blog by Jordan Gaines and Dana Smith

Genetics Generation, ethics of genetics forum moderated by Laura Rivard

Pop, physics blog by James Keen

Postcards from the Universe, cosmology and astronomy blog by Bruce Braun

And don't forget the old Scitable blogs either:

Student Voices, group blog which hosts students of all ages, managed by Kyle Hill (who you are already familiar with from his Overthinking It blog)

Bio 2.0, a synthetic biology blog by Eric Sawyer

Labcoat Life, analysing and putting science in perspective by Khalil A. Cassimally

Bioscience eLearning, the future of teaching using technology by Nick Morris

Green Science, a young conservationist's take on, well, "green science," by Samantha Jakuboski

Green Screen, technology's potential impact on the environment-the good and the bad-by Whitney Campbell

The Promethean Cell, regenerative medicine blog by Ada Ao

Our Science, a blog about the science in everyday life by Naseem S

Cognoculture, a psychology and culture blog by Taylor Burns

The Artful Brain, a blog about our neural machine by Dave Deriso

Science In Africa, a forum moderated by Doaa Tawfik

Women in Science, a forum in association with the American Association of Univeristy Women (AAUW) co-currated by Laura Hoopes

ScholarCast, a blog contributed by invited science communicators and managed by Khalil A. Cassimally

ConferenceCast, conference blog managed by Jonathan Lawson

You can follow Scitable blogs on Twitter, as well as the Twitter list of all Scitable bloggers. Bookmark, subscribe, and keep checking in. This is a network to pay attention to!