The next few weeks are chock-full of interesting science-related events. Here is a small sampling:

ScienceOnlineSeattle (What is: ScienceOnline Seattle), is in Seattle on April 16th, that is tonight at 7pm. There will be a livestream here.

The Story Collider (What is: The Story Collider) is in NYC, this Wednesday April 18th at 8pm. The theme is "Travel" and one of the storytellers will be our own Charles Q. Choi.

ScienceOnlineVancouver (What is: ScienceOnlineVancouver), is in Vancouver on April 19th

ScienceOnlineBayArea (What is: ScienceOnline Bay Area), is in San Francisco on April 19th

North Carolina Science Festival, April 13-29.

The Philadelphia Science Festival, April 20-29.

Triangle Science Tweetup #2 in Raleigh, on April 19th at 6pm.

Grand Opening of the Nature Research Center, the new wing of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh NC, Apr. 20-21st, will be a huge event, a 24-hour long opening with tons of fun stuff to do.

#NYCSciTweetup (What is: #NYCSciTweetUp), NYC, April 22nd (exact location TBA). I will not be there, but instead, the guest of honor will be someone much more fun - Karen James so try to make it if you can.

USA Science & Engineering Festival (What is: USA Science & Engineering Festival) will be in Washington D.C. on April 28th and 29th. Scientific American is a proud media partner.

Science Online NYC (What is: Science Online New York City), May 2nd. This is the first anniversary of the event. Instead of a panel, there will be an Open Mic, so come prepared to say something smart!

Many of these events are extensions of the ScienceOnline community, and some in more than obvious ways. For example - the opening of the NRC wing of the Museum. When you look at all the people who run the place, including several who were just recently hired, they are almost all ScienceOnline veterans (including past coorganizers and speakers): Meg Lowman, Kari Wouk, David Kroll, Brian Russell, Brian Malow, Helen Chappell, and more...