- Ricki Lewis - Body-Altering Mutations – In Humans and Flies


- Alan Woodward - Cloud Storage


- Krystal D'Costa - The Meaning of Goodbye


- John Horgan - What Thieving Seals Can Tell Us about War’s Roots


- Edward Shorter - Trouble at the Heart of Psychiatry’s Revised Rulebook


- Stephen Holle - USC Dornsife Scientific Diving: Human Impacts on Mangrove Forests


- Khalil A. Cassimally - Introducing: Smitha Mundasad


- DNLee - Checking in: good news, bad news, great news


- Scicurious - Experimental Biology Blogging: self-promotion and “self-promotion”


- Jason G. Goldman - ScienceSeeker Editor’s Selections: Gateway Sex, Ghosts, and Texting


- Ferris Jabr - The Biology of the Translucent Jewel Caterpillar, The Nudibranch of the Forest


- David Biello - How to Rid the World of the “Element from Hell”


- Katherine Harmon - DNA Fingers Real-Life Captain Ahabs for Precipitous Decline of Gray Whales



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