Wednesday, the new Video of the Week day - have fun!

LOTS of good reading today:

- Kalliopi Monoyios - An artist at SciO12


- Carin Bondar - Science Online 2012: The Music Video


- Kelly Oakes - Snap Asteroid Eros and Help Measure the Size of the Solar System


- April Conway - Conflicts and Cooperation in Conservation: Adventures in Researching the Pygmy Hippopotamus on Tiwai Island, Sierra Leone


- Scott McNally - Guest Post: Why Obama Rejected Keystone XL


- Katherine Harmon - Elegance of Spider Webs Helps Make Them Strong [Video] and New Map Shows that Most Lyme-Infected Ticks Are in Northeast, Northern Midwest


- David Biello - A Proposal to Introduce Elephants to Australia: Really?


- John R. Platt - Satellites to Track Rare Royal Turtle in Cambodia [Video]


- Krystal D'Costa - On My Shelf: Autophobia (A Review)


- Anna Kuchment - U.S. State Science Standards Are ‘Mediocre to Awful’


- Jason G. Goldman - Synchronized Eating: Social Influences on Eating Behavior


- Darren Naish - A symbiotic relationship between sunfish and… albatrosses? Say what?


- Scicurious - At Neurotic Physiology: Gum chewing for weightloss?


- David Wogan - Introducing the Project on Energy Communication at The University of Texas at Austin



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