Today's new Video of the Week may seem familiar - it points to the same blog post as the Image of the Week. But both of my teams of advisers (trio of bloggers for the Image, and another trio of bloggers for the Video) were adamant about this - this was the best art to appear on the network this week, so here you get a double dose. Enjoy!

- Jessica Morrison - Rad Science: Getting to Know Tomorrow’s Nuclear Scientists


- Madeleine Johnson - I’m a Johnson from Wisconsin, and it is pretty cool.


- Karyn Traphagen - Space – It’s not just for Astronauts: Personal reflections from a NASATweetup


- Kalliopi Monoyios - SciArt Plugs 1: Lectures, Exhibits, News and More


- David Wogan - Lighting up the Philippines – one liter at a time


- Jason G. Goldman - Respect the Boundaries of The Beaver


- Katrina Edwards - North Pond: Almost on site


- Jennifer Jacquet - 7 Reasons to Swim with Whale Sharks


- Charles Q. Choi - Too Hard For Science? Peter Watts — Fusing Brains


- John R. Platt - Natural Gas Company Fined $500,000 for Damaging Endangered Species Habitat


- David Biello - “The Quest” for Energy Security: The Search for More Oil and Its Alternatives


- John Matson - Annual Nobel Predictions Announced, but Forecasting Prizes Remains a Tricky Business and Your Friday Forecast: Sunny, with a 1-in-21-Trillion Chance of Getting Hit by Orbital Debris


- Katherine Harmon - Superbugs Now Tracked Globally in Interactive Maps


- George Musser - Quantum Cheshire Cat: Even Weirder Than Schrödinger’s



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