There are two new podcasts about ScienceOnline2012 - ScienceOnline2012 Recap Feb. 7 at UW School of Aquatic Fishery Sciences and Science... sort of - Episode 122: Finding a New Course.

- Scicurious - This is your brain on psilocybin…


- Lucas Brouwers - The tragic fate of the Brighton octopus


- John R. Platt - Critically Endangered Cross River Gorillas May Have More Room to Grow


- Ingrid Wickelgren - What You Need to Succeed—and How To Find Out If You Have It


- James Byrne - Can’t fool me, I know you aren’t you at all


- Fred Guterl - The Best Popular Science Song of All Time


- Ferris Jabr - Tiny, Tree-Dwelling Primate Called Tarsier Sends and Receives Ultrasonic Calls


- Katherine Harmon - Y Chromosome Can Raise Heart Disease Risk by 50 Percent


- Christine Gorman - Gonorrhea Could Join Growing List of Untreatable Diseases



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