Wednesday, ergo, time for the new Video of the Week.

- Tony Rothman - Look East, Young Man


- Becky Crew - Ancient digging mammal is a ‘scaly anteater’ relative


- Gary Stix - Evolution Did Not Snap the Brain Together like LEGOS and Big Hint That Eating A Lot Less Won’t Let You Live Longer


- Ferris Jabr - The Neuroscience of Twenty-Somethings


- Dana Hunter - How Would You Like to Take a Hike Across a Geologic Diagram?


- DNLee - #DispatchesDNLee: Adjusting to the time difference


- John R. Platt - Updates from the Brink: Dying Devils, Disappearing Vultures and a $473,000 Fish


- Scicurious - Do moral vegetarians feel more disgust?



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