As usual on Wednesdays, we have a brand new and awesome Video of the Week!

- Karolina Brook - The Physical Exam: A Vestigial Art?


- Madeline McCurry-Schmidt - How to catch a shark


- Ferris Jabr - The Food Fight in Your Guts: Why Bacteria Will Change the Way You Think About Calories


- Menno Schilthuizen - Mount Kinabalu: In the Footsteps of Wallace


- Bora Zivkovic - Introducing: Marissa Fessenden


- Ingrid Wickelgren - The Education of Character: Teaching Control with a Cottonball


- Kalliopi Monoyios - SciArt of the Day: Forget Jackalopes, I Want That.


- Joanne Manaster - YouTube SpaceLab Winners Learn Results of Experiments in Livestream with Bill Nye and Acoustic Levitation of Liquids Looks Like Magic


- Carin Bondar - Shark Love – A Waterlust Film on the Mighty Predators


- Scicurious - Pray ain’t no tools! They swim in Schools!


- Mark Fischetti - How to Solve an Electric Car Charging Problem? Ask Our Readers



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