- David Rothenberg - Discover the Secret of the 17-Year Cicada, But It Won’t Get You Tenure


- Jag Bhalla - We Fit Nature to Us: Evolution’s 2-Way Street


- Andrew P. Han - Prolonging the buzz with Grandma


- Ben Thomas - What's Individuality, and Where Does It Come From?


- Caleb A. Scharf - The Moon has it all: Explosions, Water, and Clues to the Grand Tack


- Jennifer Frazer - Pirates, Charles Darwin, and One Very Un-Extinct Dodo


- John Horgan - Why You should Care About Pentagon Funding of Obama’s BRAIN Initiative


- John R. Platt - Frog-Killing Chytrid Fungus Hits Rarely Seen, Wormlike Amphibians


- Scott Barry Kaufman - The Complexity of Greatness: Beyond Talent or Practice


- Alex Wild - Recipe for a Photograph #2: Bee in Flight


- Richelle Tanner - USC Dornsife Scientific Diving: An Analysis of Sargassum Horneri Ecosystem Impact


- Psi Wavefunction - Dividing Arcella (test construction in progress)


- Khalil A. Cassimally - Introducing: Kyle Hill


- Carin Bondar - Evolutionary Tales – A Hip Hop Theatre Cycle: Baba Brinkman is Back!


- Scicurious - The Scent of a Feline


- David Biello - How to Use the Bathroom on a 20-Hour Plus Solar Airplane Flight [Video]


- Mark Fischetti - U.S. Hurricane Forecasts Could Be Better



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