No linkfest tomorrow - I'll be on the plane, trying to sleep at the time - but we'll be back the evening after....

- Kara Rogers - Bee Brain Plasticity: Turning Back the Clock on Aging


- Christie Wilcox - Mating with the wrong species: plastics make it possible


- Bora Zivkovic - ScienceOnline2012 – interview with Michelle Sipics


- Kelly Oakes - Heather Gray: chaotic starts and Higgs excitement #lnlm12


- Khalil A. Cassimally - Science Writing And Multimedia Competition By Chemistry World


- DNLee - #DispatchesDNLee: Postcards from Tanzania


- Joanne Manaster - Green Screen Climate Fix Flicks and the Green Ninja


- Alex Wild - The digital workflow


- Rose Eveleth - You wanted to know: who are these scientists? Introducing: Assaf Vardi


- Scicurious - What is that beat when your headache throbs?


- Katherine Harmon - One Big Migration Spawned Most–But Not All–Indigenous Americans and Major Phobias Might Hasten Aging



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