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- Perrin Ireland - Dr. Ted Labuza on Slime, Bombs, and Rot and 40 Percent of Food in the US Never Gets Eaten


- Buddhini Samarasinghe - Hallmarks of Cancer 1: Self-Sufficiency in Growth Signals


- Markus Pössel - Escaping the Confucian trap


- Beatrice Lugger - Pauline Tan: Stereovision Maths


- Kevin Bonham - Eating Dirt: The Benefits of Being (Relatively) Filthy


- Jason G. Goldman - If You Need To Test Your New Robot, Ask A Dog


- Katherine Harmon Courage - How Does That Crazy Camouflage Octopus Disappear? [Video]


- John R. Platt - The 5 Biggest Myths about the Endangered Species Act


- Felicity Muth - How Do Ants Coordinate Moving Huge Objects? and Any Black Bear Experts Out There?


- Alex Wild - These are a few of my favorite stings…


- David Wogan - On environmentalism and ‘frackademia’


- Sean Hannah, Pierre Balthazard, Robert W. Thatcher and David A. Waldman - NeuroLeadership


- Kalliopi Monoyios - Turns Out There IS Something New Under the Sun


- Joanne Manaster - A Capella Science–Bohemian Gravity


- Darren Naish - The Jehol-Wealden International Conference, 2013


- DNLee - Share your STEM education and career testimony & help change the equation


- Scicurious - Remembering alternatives


- Mariette DiChristina - The Smart Approach to Development: Incorporate Science


- Dina Fine Maron - Condoms Behind Bars: A Modest Proposal to Cut STIs in Calif. Prisons


- Katherine Harmon Courage - New View Into Our Guts Reveals Microbiome’s Murky Links To Health



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