In memory of Maurice Sendak, we have a new Video of the Week.

- Maria Konnikova - The Power of “Once upon a Time”: A Story to Tame The Wild Things


- Carin Bondar - Where the Wild Types Are – A Biology Parody Dedicated to Maurice Sendak


- Kara Rogers - Machine Counterpart: Nature’s New Creatures


- Madi Swayne - USC Dornsife Scientific Diving: The Contributions of J. S. Haldane to Dive Safety


- David Wogan - Remembering MCA of the Beastie Boys with a documentary about global water crises


- David Bressan - May 8, 1902: La Pelée


- Jason G. Goldman - Human Superpowers: The Vision Revolution by Mark Changizi [Book Review]


- John R. Platt - Amazing Video: First Camera Trap Footage of Critically Endangered Cross River Gorillas


- Anna Kuchment - Catch a Scene From “Charlotte’s Web” in Your Backyard


- Kevin Zelnio - Sweden Journal: Dunsjömåla


- Ferris Jabr - Science Remains a Stranger to Psychiatry’s New Bible


- Bora Zivkovic - What is: Generation Anthropocene?


- Bora Zivkovic - Introducing: Douglas Main


- Robin Lloyd - Bronx Girl Scouts Pepper Scientific American with Smart, Science Questions


- Kalliopi Monoyios - Hangin’ with Theoretical Physicists


- George Musser - Particles for Peace: Iranian, Israeli, Turkish and Arab Physicists Lay Plans for a Joint Particle Accelerator


- Kate Wong - Could a Renewed Push for Access to Fossil Data Finally Topple Paleoanthropology’s Culture of Secrecy?


- David Biello - How to Feed the World While the Earth Cooks


- Larry Greenemeier - Google Is My Pilot: Nevada Gambles on Self-Driving Cars



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