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- Alex Wild - The Desert is not “Nowhere”


- Joanne Manaster - “In Saturn’s Rings” Movie Trailer


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- Ashutosh Jogalekar - Lindau 2013: A receding horizon, now within reach and Lindau 2013: The GPCR symphony


- John R. Platt - Last Chance for Sawfish?


- Dana Hunter - Peepei


- Pete Monfre - Two days, Three Doctors, Three Kids and Two Hundred and Thirty Desperate Patients


- Katie McKissick - When Image Sharing Goes Horribly Wrong


- David Wogan - In Africa, entrepreneurs are key to off-grid electricity innovation


- Bryan Bumgardner - Vote for the Best Summer Books on Science


- Fred Guterl - The Blurry Line Between Small and Quantum Small


- Christopher Crockett - NASA adds a new space telescope to its fleet of solar satellites



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