Another great day on the network...

- John McKay - The White Elephant of Rucheni


- Judy Stone - Molecules to Medicine: Pharma Trumps HIPAA?


- David Wogan - xkcd: the cost of electricity


- Bora Zivkovic - Writing, narrative and books at ScienceOnline2012


- Caleb A. Scharf - The Eight Limbed Aliens: Octopuses Are Out There


- John Horgan - Thanksgiving News Flash: Things Are Getting Better!


- Carin Bondar - Bromancing Baboons: What Else are Lonely Bachelors Going to Do?


- Jason G. Goldman - Editor’s Selections: Awe, Social Networks, Visual Perception


- John R. Platt - Can the Most Interesting Man in the World Help Save This Critically Endangered Wombat?


- Jennifer Ouellette - In Praise of Insignificance


- Alex Wild - Why One Pepper-Spraying Cop Image Dominates



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