Hello and welcome back from the weekend. Check out the new Image of the Week and some great posts you may have missed earlier:

- David Bressan - Geology of the Mountains of Madness


- John Horgan - Does the “Goddamn” Higgs Particle Portend the End of Physics?


- Christie Wilcox - Evolution: Watching Speciation Occur


- Bora Zivkovic - Science Books from my Childhood


- Jason G. Goldman - The Psychology of Dictatorship: Kim Jong-Il and Sunday Photoblogging: Neon LA


- Scicurious - When is comfort most comforting? When you’ve got a specific Oxytocin gene!


- Kalliopi Monoyios - The SciArt Buzz and Last Minute Gift Guide


- Darren Naish - The Second International Workshop on the Biology of Sauropod Dinosaurs (part I)


- Gary Stix - Anatomy of a Megalomaniac: Psychological Analysis of Kim Jong-il from Afar


- Carin Bondar - The Best Christmas Gift Ever: Saving Santa from the Watery North Pole


- Krystal D'Costa - Marbles Lost, Marbles Found: Children’s Games and Consequences


- Steven Hamblin - What can the animal kingdom tell us about North Korea?


- DNLee - I’m Oklahoma bound!


- David Wogan - Congress strips funding for efficient lighting standards and North Korea by night [photograph]


- Jennifer Rohn - Death in the lab


- Kevin Zelnio - The Message Reigns Over the Medium



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