- S.E. Gould - Sticky bacteria and the benefits of staying still


- David Bressan - Frauds, Fakes and Fossils


- Joanne Manaster - Making Scientists Seem Human–Through Film!


- Christie Wilcox - This is what a scientist looks like.


- Alex Wild - How Photography Transformed Spider Science


- Darren Naish - Love for Mastigodryas, Tomodon, Sordellina and all their buddies: you know it’s right


- Christina Agapakis - Self Defense


- Krystal D'Costa - Parades - Public Festivals, Public Spectacles


- Kalliopi Monoyios - Too Clean? Try Bacterial Wipes!


- Jason G. Goldman - Editor’s Selections: Blood Tests for Depression, the Axolotl, Dopamine, and The Bachelor



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