News tidbit of the day? The #SciAmBlogs make an appearance in an Onion video (around 1:57-2:04).


And now the serious stuff:

- Ricki Lewis - Are DNA Patents Doomed?


- Kelly Oakes - Supernova turns inside out and kicks neutron star


- Maria Konnikova - Intelligence and Other Stereotypes: The Power of Mindset


- John R. Platt - Bat-Killing Fungus Continues Deadly Spread; Death Toll Now at 7 Million


- Alex Hole and George Musser - Clouds Over the Solar Industry in Britain


- Wayne Maddison - Spiders in Borneo: Mulu wrap-up


- Jen Christiansen - Producing Scientific American Infographics in the Era of “Big Data”


- Bora Zivkovic - ScienceOnline2012 – interview with Rebecca Guenard and A week in Edmonton and Flirting under Moonlight on a Hot Summer Night, or, The Secret Night-Life of Fruitflies


- Jason G. Goldman - Published! Cortical Thickness, Reading Skill, and Reading Experience and Editor’s Selections: Throwing Words, Deceptive Spider Sex, and Littering


- Scicurious - Diversity in Science Carnival for April: Imposter Syndrome!!



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