A day late, still catching up, but here is the brand new Image of the Week.

- Caren Cooper - Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Data


- Ricki Lewis - Amniotic Fluid + Valproic Acid = New Source of Human Stem Cells


- Darren Naish - Why the world has to ignore ReptileEvolution.com


- Khalil A. Cassimally - Introducing: Aatish Bhatia


- John R. Platt - Citizen Scientists, Funding Needed to Help Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Project


- Anna Kuchment - Rare Photos of a Baby Pigeon in Brooklyn


- Rose Eveleth - A graphical representation of the cruise so far


- Mariette DiChristina - The Higgs, Sterile Neutrinos and Spintronics: Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, Day 2


- Christine Gorman - Medicaid Decision Could Further Fragment Health Care


- John Matson - Music of the Spheres: Kepler Data Become “Six-Planet Sonata” [Video]



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