Another fantastic day on the network:

- Jeanne Garbarino - Cholesterol and Controversy: Past, present, and future


- Maria Konnikova - Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: Don’t Try to Make Bricks Without Clay


- Christina Agapakis - Human Design


- Kalliopi Monoyios - The Internet Can Show You A Lot, But Not This and JAMA gets a facelift


- Carin Bondar - Biomusings: Videos Inspired by the Amazing Lives of Field Biologists


- DNLee - Urban Science Adventure: Conduct your own backyard bird foraging experiment


- Scicurious - SfN Neuroblogging: I see what you read there. and SfN Neuroblogging: SERT-anly slower, the Flinders Sensitive Line model of depression


- Lena Groeger - Exploring the Musical Brain at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting


- Gary Stix - Only Epilepsy Brings More Activity to Women’s Brains than Does ‘Self-Stimulation’ to Orgasm


- Katherine Harmon - Phone Calls and Exercise Make Pain Treatments More Effective


- Robin Lloyd - ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Passes Near Scientific American‘s Office in New York


- Rose Eveleth - We’ve Got Trouble! All in Agreement Say… Uh Oh


- John R. Platt - Another Rhino Goes Extinct and Other Updates from the Brink


- Bora Zivkovic - Sound and Music at ScienceOnline2012


- Jesse Bering - Puppy Pregnancy Syndrome: Men who are pregnant with dogs



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