- Rob Dunn - How a Tiny Wasp May Save Your Life


- Karen Stollznow - “I’m Sick of Talking About Sexual Harassment!”


- Christina Agapakis - Growing the Future of Meat


- Darren Naish - Tales from the Cryptozoologicon: Megalodon!


- Jennifer Ouellette - Confound It! The Mathematics of Learning Language


- Katie McKissick - Yes, T-Shirt Messages Matter


- Melissa C. Lott - The People’s Choice – Farm grown asphalt: Pig poop for sustainability


- Jesse Bering - Bromidrophilia: Beauty is in the Nose of the Besniffer


- Rachel Margolese - Fuel for Thought: Biomass to Briquettes


- Kyle Hill - Celebrate Geek Week With the Geekiest Things I’ve Ever Written



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