Another amazing day on the network. I hope you liked our little two-day series on #SciAmFriends - I will try to put together a full compilation for you tomorrow.

- Eric Michael Johnson - Social Networks Matter: Friends Increase the Size of Your Brain


- Jennifer Rohn - What the alien auto aficionados can teach us about cell shape


- Jessica Morrison - Science on a Mission: Engineering a Sustainable Future for Haitians without Homes


- John R. Platt - Amazing Neptune’s Cup Sponge Rediscovered in Singapore


- Jennifer Frazer - Sponges: The Original Animal House


- Charles Q. Choi - Visions: Laws of Ideal Masses


- Carin Bondar - Submissions for the Cyberscreen Science Film Festival are now OPEN!


- DNLee - Hip Hop Evolution Files: What about your friends?


- Kalliopi Monoyios - The SciArt Buzz: Hubble-Inspired Art, Linneaus’ Illustrations and…


- Scicurious - SfN Neuroblogging: PTSD in twins


- Alex Wild - Nature Publishing Group’s New Journal


- Kate Clancy - What Does it Mean to Do the Right Thing? Time to #OccupyNPG


- Christina Agapakis - Death and Life as the Stuff of Design


- John Matson - Funds Restored to Build the James Webb Space Telescope


- Jennifer Ouellette - Of Granular Material and Singing Sands



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