- Jag Bhalla - Better Models of Our Nature


- Jason G. Goldman - Ronan the Sea Lion Dances To The Backstreet Boys. So What?


- Dana Hunter - Men, STEM, and Balance: Gilbert


- Khalil A. Cassimally - Upcoming Science Writers On How To Pitch To Science, Nature And Others


- David Wogan - University of Texas researchers design synthetic trees for producing water and energy efficient algal biofuels


- Darren Naish - Trematosauroids, those gharial-snouted, marine temnospondyls


- Ashutosh Jogalekar - Moore’s Law and battery technology: No dice


- John R. Platt - Who Will Save the Last Hoolock Gibbons? [Video]


- John Horgan - Is "social science" an oxymoron? Will that ever change?


- David Biello - New Extremophile Breathes Rocket Fuel


- Kate Wong - Brain Shape Confirms Controversial Fossil as Oldest Human Ancestor



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