- Kevin Bonham - Allergic to Science–Proteins and Allergens in Our Genetically Engineered Food


- Frank Ferrone - Dangerous Braids That Tangle in Brains and Veins


- John R. Platt - Does Controversial Decision Pit California Condors against Wind Turbines?


- Dana Hunter - Marjorie Sweeting: “The Basis for a World Model of Karst”


- Robynne Boyd - The Cold Rush: An Effort to Protect the Arctic from Oil Spills During Rapid Development


- Meghan Heneghan - Dreading the Dredging: Military Buildup on Guam and Implications for Marine Biodiversity in Apra Harbor


- Darren Naish - In Rio for the 2013 International Symposium on Pterosaurs


- Glendon Mellow - Welcome to the Center for Epigenetic Cloning


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- John Matson - 50 Years Ago, an Astronomer Discovered the First Unambiguous Exoplanet (or So He Thought)


- Philip Yam - Spooky Action on Broadway: A Quantum Drama by Brian Greene



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