- Paige Brown - Colder than Ice: Researchers Discover How Microbes Survive in Sub-Freezing Conditions


- Tim Lahey - HIV and the Global Sex Tally


- Layla Eplett - The Heir And The Spare: Preserving Heritage And Heirloom Apples


- Pamela Ronald - Lab Life: The Anatomy of a Retraction


- Jason G. Goldman - You’ll Never Guess How Biologists Lure Jaguars To Camera Traps


- Becky Crew - You’re about to get the stink bugs, America. But no, they won’t be man-faced.


- Melanie Tannenbaum - Lady Gaga, You Shouldn’t Be Doing It For The Applause.


- Ashutosh Jogalekar - The varieties of scientific bashing


- David Wogan - China is now the world’s largest oil importer – in one graph and What if the Chinese consumed as much oil as Americans?


- Katie McKissick - Defending the Brown Recluse Spider


- DNLee - What’s this in my backyard? A Camel Cricket



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