- Cheryl Murphy - To Spot a Liar: An Offices of SciAm Mystery


- Harold Johnson - Plastics in the Ocean: How Dense Are We?


- Eric Michael Johnson - Punishing Cheaters Promotes the Evolution of Cooperation


- Maria Konnikova - Reclaiming the sacred gift: A postscript on humanities and science


- Robynne Boyd - Tax credits – the wind in wind energy


- Christina Agapakis - The Medieval Diet


- John R. Platt - South Africa Invests in Elephant Birth Control [Video]


- Carin Bondar - We’re NASA and We Know It – An Epic Mars Curiosity Music Video


- Scicurious - The IgNobels are coming, and Sci will be there!


- Katherine Harmon - Octopuses Inspire Soft-Bodied Robots–with Power of Colorful Camouflage [VIDEO]


- Katherine Harmon - Is Your Slimmer Self Waiting Online?


- Mark Fischetti - Sea Level Rise Dramatized in Multimedia “Book App”


- Larry Greenemeier - A Dash of Color Creates Camouflage for Spineless Robots



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