We have a new Video of the Week for your viewing pleasure!

- David L. Levine - Why are People so Interested in the DSM-5?


- Joel Taylor - The Chameleon of Quantum Culture: Wave-Particle Duality


- Jason G. Goldman - Koalas and Bison Use the Same Rules for Choosing Mates


- Dana Hunter - Interlude: “To Paradise With Pleasure Haunted With Fear”


- Eric Michael Johnson - The Gospel of Wealth Fails the Inequity Test in Primates


- John R. Platt - Survey of Critically Endangered Pygmy Sloths Finds Just 79 Animals Remain


- Kalliopi Monoyios - Advice from a Freelancing Guru


- David Wogan - Independent review committee reaches conclusion on the ethically ambiguous UT Austin shale gas report


- Bora Zivkovic - Introducing: Jon Chang


- Carin Bondar - Production Value on the SciFund Challenge: Good Films Get Funded!


- Jessica M. Morrison - What is: AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows Program


- DNLee - College Internship and Scholarship Opportunities for Minority Students


- Katherine Harmon - Genetic Sequencing Traces Gypsies Back to Ancient Indian Origin and Could Medicaid Benefits Get Pushed Off the Fiscal Cliff?



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