- E. Paul Zehr - The Fall and Rise of the Dark Knight-the Difficulties of Batman’s Life While He Exists


- Dana Hunter - Prelude to a Catastrophe: “The Only Way It Can Stabilize is to Come Down”


- Kalliopi Monoyios - ScienceArt Conference Hopping


- John R. Platt - Snow Leopard News: Climate Change, Radio Collars, Heart Troubles and a Video First


- Scott McNally - Guest Post: Oil and Gas – An American Jobs Producer?


- T.H. Culhane - Google Science Fair: Uniting the ‘Avengers’ of Innovation


- Khalil A. Cassimally - Introducing: Kelly Oakes


- Jason G. Goldman - A Fishy Beachfront Orgy: The Tweet That Became An Article


- Christine Gorman - What Do Obama and Romney Know about Science? And Why It Matters


- Evelyn Lamb - Puzzling Prisoners Presented to Promote North America’s Only Museum of Math



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