Folio Magazine had a nice article earlier today about Scientific American website, blogs, digital subscriptions, mobile offers, and social media - check it out: Scientific American Sees Digital Boom.

Last day of the month? Yup! Thus, a new episode of Best of the Blogs!

- Erin C. McKiernan - Challenges in Simulating a Human Brain


- Caren Cooper - Pearls across the Zooniverse: When Crowdsourcing Becomes Citizen Science


- Christine O'Connell - Out of the Comfort Zone and into the Fire–How taking the Flame Challenge can change your life


- Gary Stix - Brain-to-Brain: Dawning of the Telepathic Rat Tweet


- Dana Hunter - Paricutín: "Save Me From the Dangers in Which I am About to Die"


- Khalil A. Cassimally - Brace Yourselves, Drone Journalism Is Coming


- Bonnie Swoger - Good news about sharing scientific research


- Krystal D'Costa - Cleveland Rocks


- David Wogan - U.S. crude oil production reaches highest production since December 1992


- Alex Wild - Thrifty Thursday: The iPhone and the Grasshopper


- Glendon Mellow - Ultimate Croc Anatomy!


- Joanne Manaster - Math Warriors: Season 3


- Robin Lloyd - Comedy about Isaac Newton Enlightens



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