Wednesday, thus time for the new Video of the Week.

- Scicurious - The Next Generation Science Conference, a #scio12 Wrapup


- Jennifer Ouellette - By the Sword: The Science of Sword-Swallowing


- Scott McNally - Guest Post: Water Contamination – Fracking is not the problem


- Mariette DiChristina - Citizen Scientists Study Whale Songs: Years of Work Done in Months


- Caleb A. Scharf - Aurorae from Earth, Space, and on Other Worlds


- Erica Angiolillo - The American Museum of Natural History hosts Beyond Planet Earth Tweetup with Scientific American


- Anna Kuchment - Science Education Experts Respond to Obama’s Speech


- Maria Konnikova - Can You Keep a Secret? Maybe You Shouldn’t, Even If You Can


- Jesse Bering - “Natural Theologians” Are God’s Psychoanalysts


- S.E. Gould - Guest post – Microbes and Madness


- Katherine Harmon - Risk of Heart Disease Underestimated, Researchers Say


- Darren Naish - Happy 6th Birthday, Tetrapod Zoology (part II)



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