Welcome back after the long weekend. Monday - so time for the new Image of the Week: check it out.

- Rob Dunn - Sick People Smell Bad: Why dogs sniff dogs, humans sniff humans, and dogs sometimes sniff humans


- David Wright - Where Did All That Space Debris Come From?


- Kara Rogers - Epigenetics: A Turning Point in our Understanding of Heredity


- Kelly Oakes - Explaining Titan’s Alien Weather System


- Christina Agapakis - Nitrogen Fixation


- Kevin Zelnio - Mistruths, Insults from the Copyright Lobby Over HR 3699 and NCSE Picks Fight Against Climate Science Deniers


- Janet D. Stemwedel - Things to read on my other blog: #scio12 preparations, truthiness at NYT, and an interview with a chloroplast.


- Michelle Clement - Links Post – January 15, 2012


- Darren Naish - Because giraffes are heartless creatures, and other musings


- Krystal D'Costa - What Are the Costs of Lending a Helping Hand? and Everything You Wanted to Know … Kinda


- Scicurious - What’s bigger than a duck penis? Our #scio12 panel! and Blogging and Societies: The next generation science conference


- Kate Clancy - Sex, Gender and Controversy: Scicurious and Kate Clancy’s Science Online 2012 Session


- Lucas Brouwers - More than Just Pretty Faces


- Bora Zivkovic - Introducing #SciAmBlogs bloggers: Krystal D’Costa


- Katherine Harmon - How Long Could Cruise Ship Crash Victims Survive In Cold Waters?


- Andrew Maynard - Mind the Science Gap – Helping science students connect with a non-science audience


- Christie Wilcox - Evolution: The Rise of Complexity


- Jason G. Goldman - Snowboarding Crows: The Plot Thickens



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