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- Layla Eplett - The Fast and the Not Necessarily Furious Ramadan Mood and Circadian Rhythms


- Britney Schmidt - The Europa Report: A Report


- William Skaggs - Global warming: The folly of certainty


- John R. Platt - Film Fakery: Does Shark Week Harm Conservation Efforts?


- Evelyn Lamb - What Is the Funniest Number?


- Scicurious - Knocking 5-HT1A down to bring mood up and Sci Returns! But I never truly went away…


- Hadas Shema - Thoughts about altmetrics (an unorganized, overdue post)


- Darren Naish - Tales from the Cryptozoologicon: the Yeti


- Jennifer Ouellette - Cambyses’ Lost Army and the Physics of Sandstorms and Physics Week in Review: August 3, 2013


- Rachel Margolese - Fuel for Thought: Travels in Tanzania


- Jason G. Goldman - Depth Perception Didn’t Evolve for Watching The Avengers in 3D and Photoblogging: Flamingo Family


- John Horgan - Cancer Establishment Admits We’re Getting Overtested and Overtreated


- Carin Bondar - Move Over Minute Physics, Here Comes Minute Earth!


- Kyle Hill - Kick Off Geek Week With Ten Videos that Blow My Mind and Nerds and Words: Week 31


- Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik - Neuroscience in Fiction: The Princess Bride


- Bora Zivkovic - ScienceWriters2013 – great program in Gainsville in November.


- David Biello - Cultured Beef: Do We Really Need a $380,000 Burger Grown in Petri Dishes?


- Sandra Upson - Pigeons, Like Humans, Can Behave Irrationally



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