It's Monday, thus time for the new Image of the Week.

- Cristy Gelling - Brainiac parrots threatened by widespread lead poisoning


- Scicurious - Dragonflies keeping their eyes on the prize


- Krystal D'Costa - Spin Cycle: The Social Realm of the Laundromat


- S.E. Gould - Making sugar from carbon dioxide: The Calvin Cycle


- Kate Clancy - Challenge Accepted: Non-traditional Assignments in the Classroom


- Naseem, Erik, Samm and Hanna - What is: ScienceOnlineTEEN


- Kalliopi Monoyios - Marketing Campaign Drags Science Through the Streets for the Jeering Masses…


- John Horgan - Why I Want My Students to Read Jared Diamond’s Latest Blockbuster, Part II


- Ashutosh Jogalekar - Monday morning levity: Louisiana senator asks if E. coli evolve into persons


- Bora Zivkovic - ScienceOnline2012 – interview with Anthony Salvagno


- Darren Naish - Tetrapod Zoology enters its 8th year of operation


- Psi Wavefunction - Loricas — homely vessels of protists


- Dana Hunter - In Which I Am Interviewed, and Mutual Fandom is Revealed



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