As usual on Mondays, today we present the new Image of the Week!

- Hilda Bastian - “Is anybody sane here?” said the psychiatrist to the journalists


- David Ropeik - Could you look down from 24 miles up and jump? Felix Baumgartner just did.


- Ivan Karabaliev - The $1000 Genome is almost here – are we ready?


- Bora Zivkovic - Charlotte’s Web: what was she smoking?


- Jason G. Goldman - Sesame Street and Child Development


- S.E. Gould - Fighting bacteria with copper


- Scicurious - The Skin-Shedding Spiny Mouse!


- Ashutosh Jogalekar - R. B. Woodward, general problems and the importance of timely birth


- Darren Naish - Great Asian cattle


- Caleb A. Scharf - The Panspermia Paradox


- George Musser - How to Build the World’s Simplest Particle Detector


- David Bressan - Early Paleoart: Of Prehistoric Monsters and Men


- John Horgan - No Nukes + No Fracking = More Coal? Indian Point Debate Highlights Green Quandary


- Joanne Manaster - The Believers: Cold Fusion at the Chicago International Film Festival and Monday Music Video: Ph.Diddy Hits the Conference Circuit


- DNLee - Time for Science News in the Black Press: NABJ Call for Proposals and It’s on! Science Blogger Challenge 2012


- Janet D. Stemwedel - Kicking off DonorsChoose Science Bloggers for Students 2012.


- Christie Wilcox - Donors Choose 2012 – help support the nation’s future!



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