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- Patrick Mustain - Dear American Consumers: Please don’t start eating healthfully. Sincerely, the Food Industry


- Gayle Sulik - Angelina Jolie and the One Percent


- Kacy Karlen - Sharing Science Research in the Age of Social Media


- Jeffrey A. Lieberman - DSM-5: Caught Between Mental Illness Stigma and Anti-Psychiatry Prejudice


- Jim Haw - USC Dornsife Scientific Diving: The 2013 Guam and Palau Expedition Begins


- Maureen McCarthy - Chimps in Uganda: Resilience


- Jennifer Frazer - For Plants, Polyploidy Is Not a Four-Letter Word


- Julie Hecht - Dogs and Cats in the Home: Happiness for All?


- Scicurious - Becoming an individual twin isn't about genetics or environment, but how you experience them and Friday Weird Science: What’s your fart volume?


- Ashutosh Jogalekar - Cancer, genomics and technological solutionism: A time to be wary


- Ferris Jabr - Why Feeling Anxious About a Vaccine Makes It More Effective (And Other Benefits of Short-Term Stress)


- Judy Stone - The s**t hits the fan – FDA, INDs, and fecal microbiota transplants


- Dana Hunter - 33 Years Ago Today…


- Kyle Hill - The Overwhelming Odds Of Climate Change and Science in Aggregate: Week 20


- Katherine Harmon - Unusual Offshore Octopods: The See-Through “Glass” Octopus [Video]


- Katie McKissick - Self-Publishing Tools for Science Artists


- Christina Agapakis - A Beautiful Fungus Graveyard


- John R. Platt - Deadly Snakes, Ugly Critters, Leonardo DiCaprio and Other Links from the Brink


- Jennifer Ouellette - Physics Week in Review: May 18, 2013


- John Matson - See Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Tightest Night Sky Cluster until 2026



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