If you have not seen earlier, we have some changes of the line-up of blogger here at #SciAmBlogs.

Also note a name-change - the Overthinking It blog is now called But Not Simpler. All the old links, feeds and subscriptions will continue to work just fine, so no need for readers to make any changes.

- Elizabeth Tasker - The search for answers beneath the bottom of the sea


- Athena Andreadis - The Iron Madonna or: Kicking Ass While Female


- Scott Barry Kaufman - The Real Neuroscience of Creativity


- S.E. Gould - Cleaning up toxic waste: directed evolution vs. designed machines


- Scicurious - Exercise to sleep? Or sleep to exercise?


- Caleb A. Scharf - The Dirtiest Lunar Mystery Of All


- John R. Platt - Egg Swap for Operatic New Zealand Birds a Success, but Invasive Predators Create Discord


- Carin Bondar - Young Boy Incubates a Marine Gastropod. IN HIS KNEE.


- Joanne Manaster - Curiosity Catches Sight of Mars’ Moon Passing the Other


- Kate Clancy - Research Realities II: Another Door Open, Then Shut


- Charles Q. Choi - A Modest Proposal: Google Glass Filmmaking: Porn Redux and A Modest Proposal: Consumer Wi-Fi Tags Redux


- Grant Allen - Arctic Methane: And in the blue corner…


- Dr Jennifer Muller - Arctic Methane: Transiting to Kiruna


- Michelle Cain - Arctic Methane: First science flight


- Jason G. Goldman - Photoblogging: More Koalas!


- Alex Wild - The unseen cost of the internet sharing culture


- Maria Konnikova - The shortest farewells are the best


- Sheril Kirshenbaum - Well hello there.


- Bora Zivkovic - Comings and goings at #SciAmBlogs


- Jennifer Ouellette - Physics Week in Review: August 17, 2013


- Kyle Hill - Nerds and Words: Week 33


- The Editors - Live Chat on Tuesday at Noon EDT: The Truth about Genetically Modified Food



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