- Karissa Milbury - Changing the cancer landscape


- Jag Bhalla - Is Economics More Like History Than Physics?


- Becky Crew - The Olinguito: A New Species That Looks House Cat Crossed With a Teddy Bear


- Jennifer Frazer - American Pecan Truffle May Be Coming to a Plate Near You, By Way of Extremely Cute Courier


- Dana Hunter - Dana’s Super-Awesome Mount St. Helens Field Trip Guide I: Hoffstadt or Bust


- Robynne Boyd - Imagine There’s No Garbage. I Wonder If I Can.


- Melissa C. Lott - Solar at the White House – again and Photo Friday: (Boulder) Hoover Dam – standing firm since 1936


- John R. Platt - Rare Monkey Population up 50 Percent in China and Tibet


- Kyle Hill - How Elysium is a Carnival Ride, and Why its Atmosphere is a Bucket of Water


- Ashutosh Jogalekar - Belief in multiple universes requires exceptional vision. So does belief in telepathy.


- Kalliopi Monoyios - Physics Hasn’t Looked This Hot Since The Big Bang


- Sam Illingworth - Arctic Methane: Mr Blue Sky


- Ingrid Wickelgren - The Making of a Mathematical Mind: 1 Step at a Time


- John Mighton - How to Teach Long Division through Guided Discovery


- Darren Naish - Extinction: Not the End of the World at London’s Natural History Museum


- Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik - The Color of Pain


- DNLee - #FieldworkFriday: Field Research Preparations – Bricks and traps


- Khalil A. Cassimally - Khalil’s Picks (16 August 2013)


- Scicurious - Friday Weird Science: Gonads and stress, gonads and stress, gonads and stress….


- Christine Gorman - Fruit Flies Aid Efforts to Develop Personalized Cancer Treatments


- David Biello - More Solar Panels at the White House



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