Several posts from our network bloggers, several Guest Blog posts, and one SciAm article have been nominated for the 3 Quarks Daily prize, which is quite a big deal in the science blogosphere. See all the nominated posts here, choose one and then vote here.

Have a great weekend!

- Cameron M. Smith - Review: Going Interstellar: Build Starships Now!


- David Ropeik - The Rise of Nuclear Fear – how we learned to fear the radiation


- Hilda Bastian - The spawn of the critique of the critique…exercise and depression, part eleventy.


- Darren Naish - The once far and wide Siamese crocodile


- Kate Clancy - What the CDC and WHO Know about Young Girls and Hormonal Contraceptives


- Christie Wilcox - Mythbusting 101: bulking up with bull shark testosterone


- DNLee - Feministing Friday: On Marriage & Name changing


- Alex Wild - Critical Use Is Fair Use


- Christian Heck - MSU Dinosaurs: Down the Rabbit Hole We Go


- David Wogan - 10 tips that can help you save energy this summer (videos!)


- Bora Zivkovic - Bora’s Picks (June 15th, 2012)


- Bora Zivkovic - The Scienceblogging Weekly (June 15th, 2012)


- Larry Greenemeier - Tinnitus Sufferers Hoping Serenade Sound Therapy Can Relieve Ear Ringing


- Katherine Harmon - Graphic Warning Labels on Cigarettes Help Smokers Remember Dangers


- David Biello - GMO Bonus: Genetically Engineered Cotton Benefits Farmers, Predatory Insects


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