- Jag Bhalla - Economics vs Fiction on Human Nature


- Krystal D'Costa - How Our Love Affair With Reality Television Created Megalodon


- Bonnie Swoger - Can you take it with you when you go? Portable peer review


- Kyle Hill - Tusken Raiders Ride Single File as a Valid Military Tactic


- Felicity Muth - A trip to the Animal Behaviour Society conference in Colorado and Meeting the locals: science outreach at the Animal Behavior Society conference


- Ingrid Wickelgren - How to Avoid the Self-Esteem Trap


- Bora Zivkovic - Bora’s Picks (August 9th, 2013)


- Jamil Zaki - Empathy as a choice part 2: Autism and psychopathy


- Kalliopi Monoyios - Iran’s Position on Evolution? Not What You Might Expect.


- Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik - Neuroscience in Fiction: Crux, by Ramez Naam


- DNLee - #FieldworkFriday: Putting my foot down


- Melissa C. Lott - Photo Friday: Efficiency saves big $$ in Walmart Distribution Center


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- Alex Jackson - Young Science Journalists Take to the Zoo


- Christopher Crockett - Not Just Pretty, Perseid Meteors Hold Key to Clear View of the Heavens


- Larry Greenemeier - Secure E-mail Services Shuttered over Fears of Government PRISM Reprisals


- Sandra Upson - Accurate Self-Beliefs Strengthen Relationships


- Arielle Duhaime-Ross - Souvenir Seafood Menus Offer Glimpse into Hawaii’s Oceans of Old



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