- Clarissa Ai Ling Lee - The Science and Art of Diagramming: Culturing Life and Chemical Sciences, Part II


- Scott Huler - These Stairs Aren’t Climbing — They’re Flat!


- Glendon Mellow - Painting With Chimps


- Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik - Cameron Diaz and The Unbelievers and Neuroscience in Fiction: “Anathem”, by Neal Stephenson


- Cassie Rodenberg - Sleeping on Pins: A Life Without Opiates


- Bora Zivkovic - Bora’s Picks (April 5th, 2013)


- DNLee - #DispatchesDNLee: T-minus 10 days (until Tanzania)


- Carin Bondar - A ‘Thrift Shop’ Parody – Biochemistry Style


- Katherine Harmon - Unusual Offshore Octopods: The Weapon-Wielding Blanket Octopus [Video]


- Scicurious - Friday Weird Science: Eyeballin’ the David’s Balls


- Erin Brodwin - How pedestrian-friendly are we, really?


- Eric R. Olson - The Countdown, Episode 19 – Voyager Hokey Pokey, Mini-Supernovae, Mercury Meteorite?, Planck’s Map, Birth of Massive Stars



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