- Amr Abouelleil - Scientific Arabian: Revolutions Then and Now


- Krystal D'Costa - Anthropological Finds at ID Day


- Bonnie Swoger - But peer review isn’t perfect


- Christina Agapakis - Beard Yeast Beer


- Carin Bondar and Joanne Manaster - Science – It’s a Girl Thing (Insert Facepalm Here)


- Rose Eveleth - You wanted to know: What’s the virus infecting the phytoplankton? (Part Two)


- Bora Zivkovic - New Journalistic Workflow and The Scienceblogging Weekly (June 22nd, 2012)


- Khalil A. Cassimally - Khalil’s Picks (22 June 2012)


- Scicurious - Friday Weird Science: Why you DIRTY LITTLE HERPS!!


- David Biello - Fracking’s Biggest Problem May Be What to Do with Wastewater


- Evelyn Lamb - Self-cannibalization and computer graphics win 2012 Kyoto Prizes



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