Another day of the incredible blogger output!


- S.E. Gould - Biofilms: a house for protection or a tent for nomads


- Joanne Manaster - The Science Online 2012 Keynote Speaker


- Eric Michael Johnson - The Uses of the Past: Why Science Writers Should Care About the History of Science – And Why Scientists Should Too


- Reut Rory Cohen - Aging And Life Quality: What Does the Future Hold?


- Bora Zivkovic - #scio12: Multitudes of Sciences, Multitudes of Journalisms, and the Disappearance of the Quote.


- John Horgan - How the U.S. Can Help Humanity Achieve World Peace (Yes, World Peace)


- Michelle Clement - How a cup of coffee a day may help to keep type 2 diabetes at bay.


- Bora Zivkovic - Science writing program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


- Christina Agapakis - Bacillus subtilis for Missoni


- David Bressan - January 17, 1995: The Kobe earthquake and early Antiseismic Architecture


- Jim Perkins - Gamma and White Point Explained: How to Calibrate Your Monitor


- Scott Barry Kaufman and Jerome L. Singer - The Creativity of Dual Process “System 1″ Thinking


- Jennifer Frazer - Misery-inducing Norovirus Can Survive for Months — Perhaps Years — in Drinking Water


- Ingrid Wickelgren - Can Money Buy Self-Esteem?


- Katherine Harmon - Childhood and Adult Obesity not Budging Much in the U.S.


- Jason G. Goldman - Editor’s Selections: Logos, Hospitals, Stephen Colbert, and Surprising Findings


- John R. Platt - Manta Rays Endangered by Sudden Demand from Chinese Medicine


- DNLee - #Scio12: Broadening participation in STEM – Advice for Allies



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